20th January 2019
vb.net project (source code) now available for download.
Due to no longer owning a PicoScope :( I have ceased development of this app, and decided to make the source available should anyone have any interest.
The code is not the best as I'm not a software dev. by any stretch of the imagination! - but should you decide to develop it further, I would appreciate attribution for the original project.
There are two source downloads, as my version control was practically non existent, so I can't remember what the status of these two archives was :-)
Download vb.net project #1
Download vb.net project #2
NOTE: When opening the VB projects you will likely see an error:
"Unable to find manifest signing certificate in the certificate store"
See this link on Stack Overflow for instructions on how to resolve the issue.
09th July 2017
New version now available for download. This will run on both x86 and x64 platforms.
Download the standalone .exe
Download the setup
Many bugfixes and code cleanup.

Older version

Version now available for download. This will run on both x86 and x64 platforms.
The app is really easy to setup and use - please follow the instructions on the main page
There are two downloads (both .zip files) one is a standalone application, the other contains a proper installer (see below).

System requirements

PicoMeasure was developed and tested on Windows 8.1 with .net 4.5, however it should run fine on Windows 10 too.


Windows 7 is not currently supported. (problems with application sharing I think) - picoscope.com calls picoscope.exe which is already running...
(Windows 8.1 seems to handle this but Win 7 doesn't)

Version released.


version (with installer): here.


version (stand alone .exe): here.
This fixes a couple of bugs, one in particular, a serious error when capturing if the scope was set to a dB scale.
I have added default paths now, the working folder defaults to "My Documents" and the PicoScope folder defaults to
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Pico Technology\PicoScope6\". This makes things a little more user friendly the first time the program is run.
Please note that your PicoScope installation may be in a different folder.

In version 1.5, the interface has been completely re-written, and a lot of code cleaned up.
14/06/2016 - Latest fixes:

Fixed confusing dot net installation error during uninstall of PicoMeasure.
Cleaned up regex - and file output is now comma delimited freq,volts
Currently only tested with two measurements. (It was only ever intended to measure Frequency and Voltage / dB)
Expect odd results if you are making more than just two measurements.
All of the above downloads are .zip archives and have been scanned by virustotal.com and are free of any 'nasties'.
The installer does not check the .net version - but it is assumed that 99% of PC's have .net installed.
If your PC doesn't have .net installed - then PicoMeasure will not work for you.
If you used the installer, then simply uninstall from Control Panel / Programs and Features.
If you downloaded the standalone version, then simply delete the .exe file.
In both cases, a configuration file ("user.config") will be stored in your "AppData" folder.
You can view this by going to "Start / Run" and then typing in %appdata% and then browsing to the
"Local" folder, under which you will find a folder named "pico_measure".
Within the 'pico_measure' folder you will find another folder with a random name;
'PicoMeasure_<random string> / version-number / user.config.
There will be a seperate folder for each version of PicoMeasure you have used.
It is safe to delete the top level 'pico_measure' folder once you have uninstalled the application.
Source on github
The Visual Studio project is available here